For the last several months at work, I’ve been building front ends using the angularjs material design libraries. They make it comparatively simple to build great looking front ends while maintaining the superior division of concerns that I feel is one of angular’s strengths.

If you build front ends and haven’t checked out this great framework (angularjs) or the angular material design components, you owe it to yourself to spend a weekend with it:

I’ve found that the CSS around the components is build nicely enough that you can layer your own custom stuff on top of it without too much difficulty. That’s always my main gripe with frameworks and pre-built things. They’re great as long as you stay within their boundaries, but as soon as you put one toe outside the borders it’s kind of a nightmare extending things. Not so with this stuff.

If you’re a front-end dev and want to try¬†angularjs, don’t start with the official docs. They’re kind of crap, imho. Start here instead. It’s the best quickstart I’ve seen for angularjs:


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