What’s it like to code? It’s very, very much like Lincoln describes in the book. When you’re cruising, you’re really in a different state of mind. Hungry? Tired? Doesn’t matter. You won’t notice. You know what the whole structure of the thing is going to be, and it can only come out through your fingers on the keyboard. If there were a direct mental interface, the code would just show up, but since there isn’t, you have to force it through your hands.

It’s fun. It’s awesome.

Of course, those are the good times, when you’re jazzed about a project and no one is beating down your door to fix a bunch of miserable bugs and make your delivery deadlines. That stuff happens too, and when it does, it’s just work. But then again, lots of stuff are “just work.” So it’s okay.

But when it’s good, and your brain is firing like a Phaeton’s W12, it’s like magic 😉

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