This video is a little long-winded, so I’ll summarize. They first shoot .22 shorts at a 1/2 inch pine board at close range. The old military standard is that if a round can cleanly penetrate the board, it’s considered potentially lethal at that distance. The .22 short — an extremely low-powered round — easily penetrates at 10′, and again at 40′. They move onto .22 LR, and end up going out to 440 yards (yes, a quarter mile). That’s far past the effective accuracy of the round. It still cleanly penetrated. I was expecting it to fall off by that distance.

The best bit for me is in the last two minutes when the gentlemen are discussing the conclusions of the tests. The older fellow says that when medical care isn’t readily available: “If you get a hole in you that you weren’t born with, you’re probably going to die.” I love his delivery.

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