I’m experimenting with Amazon’s Sponsored Product ads for LFBD, and trying out different combinations of ad copy, landing page copy, pricing, etc. As part of the experimentation, Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog can be had for a mere $0.99 right now. I’m not sure how long I’m going to leave it at that price point, so if you’ve been thinking “mebbe I’ll read that book” but $2.99 was just too steep for you, you no longer have an excuse.

Incidentally, that $2 difference is the amount of money by which I came in second on Jeopardy! Sad but true.

Get the book now:



Buy Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog on Amazon.com right now, or get the first half for free right here if you're still on the fence (.epub download to read in iBooks, Google Play Books, etc.)

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