This is the Marlin 1895/444. Based on designs from the 1890s, this is a modern update that fires the Marlin .444 cartridge. Guides and scouts in bear country carry these, because the Marlin .444 is bad ass and kills bears.

The cool thing about this gun though is that the design is lever action. After you fire a cartridge, you flip the whole trigger guard downward then back up to chamber another round. The rounds are held one after the other in the tube below the barrel. If you know guns, you already know what lever action is. If you don’t, you’ve probably seen them used in westerns.

The lever action is an interesting holdover from its invention in the 1890s. At the time, everyone else had single-fire weapons. You had to entirely reload every time you fired. It took a while. The lever action repeater changed all of that.

Since then, there are more and better designs for things like this. A bolt action rifle is more durable and more accurate. A semi-automatic rifle has a higher rate of fire and reloads more easily. So why do these guns persist?

I think it’s because they’re cool. And just look at this thing. It’s gorgeous.

I want one. 😀

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