The wakizashi is the Japanese short sword.

Seen here is the crappy one that I own. I say it’s crappy, because this is the kind of thing that you can spend infinite amounts of money on, and this one was the cheapest possible one I could get that met my weak criteria. Those criteria were: full tang, carbon (not stainless) steel.

I’m not going to go into the history of the wakizashi, because other web sites do that just fine and people get #cra about their Japanese sword trivia and I don’t need them writing letters, you know?

What I will tell you is this. You can impressively cut through full gallon jugs of water with it, leaving them “in place” with the water pouring out on all sides. You can saber a bottle of champagne with it. It’s sharp enough that if you got in close quarters with someone and the edge got pressed against either you or them, it would quite happily make a new hole in your body with hardly any force behind it.

Here’s something you won’t read on other websites. It is entirely possible that last year someone was involved in an office prank at Google, one component of which was that during a particular meeting, someone joined that meeting via videoconference from their backyard, wearing a tuxedo jacket and a full-head bunny mask. They had a wakizashi in hand. Maybe even this very wakizashi you see before you. For the length of the meeting they engaged in various shenanigans, without comment, steaming it live into the meeting, including blindly throwing fruit into the air and cutting it to pieces with the sword before it hit the ground.

This may or may not have happened.

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