Even though LFBD is “Urban Fantasy” by the standard definition, when it comes to Amazon categories, it probably isn’t the best fit. I didn’t really discover this until I started working with Amazon’s marketing services and their Sponsored Product Ads. It really got me digging into their product hierarchy and look around at what others would see if they started at LFBD and browsed around. The top seller for almost the entire first page of “Urban Fantasy” on Amazon? Harry Potter.


So, that’s not really somewhere you want to be. I started digging around and looking at the other books that people who had purchased LFBD had also purchased. I noticed that LFBD had a lot more in common with the books in the “Dark Fantasy” category than they did with Harry Potter. I changed the book’s category, and immediately sales picked up! That’s a good sign.

My quest right now is to tune things like ad content, categorization and the book’s landing page to actually start making money from the ads. The ads are generating consistent sales, but they’re not enough to cover the cost of the ads. Obviously, that’s not a sustainable business plan. However, as I’ve refined these things, I’ve gotten closer to breaking even. The hope is that getting all of this stuff just right, and continuing to build a base of good reviews will result in a virtuous cycle and profitability.

With that in mind, I’m thinking about changing the cover art. Originally, I’d gone with a classic 80’s layout. Looking at the competition in “Dark Fantasy” on Amazon, I’m making it more modern. Here’s the original, and what I’m thinking about doing:


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