Because the TPOAP plot synopsis is finished, I feel pretty confident putting this out as the teaser copy for the book:

Magic makes murder super easy and nearly undetectable, so how can the world’s most paranoid and powerful magic users ever get together to agree on anything? They convene in Pittsburgh, where the environmental iron left over from the city’s dark days makes using magic next to impossible. It’s up to Lincoln Baker and friends to protect them from the increasingly nasty creatures that keep popping into existence, while trying not to piss off the Praecants who are about this close to turning everyone into little, smoking bits. Like last time, things start weird and just get weirder. Can Lincoln figure out who is behind the appearance of the creatures and why? Will Fox meet a sentient holster and finally settle down? Will Babd ever eat her kibble?!

Get your fix of applied psychology and magical physics, old gods running around in the bodies of dogs, and intelligent firearms in this wild second installment of the “Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog” series.

Buy Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog on right now, or get the first half for free right here if you're still on the fence (.epub download to read in iBooks, Google Play Books, etc.)

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