I saw this type of weapon for sale for a lot less, did some research and it turned out it was sourced from inferior steel and from a location that doesn’t have the greatest reputation. The pic of it is beautiful, but I’m not even going to link it here because it would just be a bad deal and I don’t want to tempt anyone.

Here’s the real deal. It’s way out of the price range I’d be comfortable with, but if you’re really into knives, Randall is the way to go.

The blade is 13″ and it weighs at least a pound. They were used by frontiersmen and also by Confederate soldiers. Randall’s quality is unparalleled. If you have $665.00 to spend…

Okay, okay, here’s the original pic of the lesser quality one (a mere $199). I mean, it’s beautiful, but if I want to drop a couple hundred dollars on beautiful, I’ll go commission a painting from a starving artist.

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