“In the can” sounds kind of gross, now that we don’t generally put things on film and then into film cans now. So, sorry?

It was kind of a rocky start, but I’ve written the first chapter of Transformative Paraphysics, the next installment in the series. It feels like it’s on the right track. I think some of the stuff is funny. It’s also actiony.

Picking this up for a second book was a little strange and intimidating. I was really happy with the outcome of LFBD, and there was a certain amount of pressure to start this one correctly.

In addition to just making things interesting and compelling from the get-go (moreso than LFBD), you have to make sure that you really establish everything that’s going to be thematic with the entire book in the details you lay down. How do the characters act? What do they say? How does that lay the groundwork for everything that’s going to happen later? It all has to be just right.

Some people do that “just write whatever and edit later” thing. I know that’s the standard advice. But it’s not for me. Even when I try to do that, I’m not really doing that. I edit on the fly, and that’s me, and it works, so I’ll keep doing it.

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