For a long time, Google Play Books didn’t work with independent authors because… and here I should shut my mouth because I work for Google and I’m friends with people on the Play Books team,¬†which makes it really hard for me to sort out what is public information and what isn’t. Short story is that you can probably go find out for yourself, so I’ll leave it at that.

Regardless, they are now working with independents again.

Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog is now available on Google Play Books!

Personally, I prefer the Play Books Android app reading experience to the Kindle app experience. Still wish there was some way to get Play Books onto an e-ink device though, but alas.

Congrats to the Google Play Books team for putting in the work to make it possible for Indies to once again have access to this great platform!

Buy Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog on right now, or get the first half for free right here if you're still on the fence (.epub download to read in iBooks, Google Play Books, etc.)

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