I’ve finished the first pass (i.e. main writing) of Transformative Paraphysics. Per the writing process I detailed before, I have to do a few more passes through the book. As I’ve come to the last third of the book, I started to take notes about things that I needed to backtrack into the first part of the story. Themes emerge and change. You think of things that are nice later and need to have support for them throughout the text.

So, on my next pass through the manuscript, I’ll be looking for typos, flow, etc., but also looking to build those items in.

The current word count stands at around 105,000, spread across eighteen chapters. My guess is that all subsequent passes will add between two and five thousand more words.

It feels good to have reached the end of “main writing” as I call it. I don’t even feel tired or sick of it! There’s plenty of time for that in the upcoming revision passes. 😀

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