When I write a novel (see my series on process for a detailed breakdown) the step immediately before actually, you know, writing the thing is to do a detailed, chapter-by-chapter synopsis. It usually comes in at about 10% of the final word count of the book. In the case of the LFBD, that meant it was a 10k word synopsis for what ended up being a 104k word novel.

I just finished the detailed synopsis for DWWAAM.

This means that I’ll probably start writing the book in December. I did a quick check on A Walk in the Park, with Monsters, and I started writing chapter 1 in May of 2017. The book was published in February 2019. That’s twenty months from start to publication. I had a long break in the middle of writing Walk in the Park, and while I can’t remember exactly why, I do know that when I came back from it I felt differently about writing the material. And maybe toward writing in general. It’s like during the break my muscles grew.

At this point, I’ll be shocked if it’s really [does math in head and on fingers] July 2021 before DWWAAM hits publication. That’s insane. Right now, I feel like I can blaze through this in six months flat. But who knows?

All I can say thus far is that we have another time skip, like Walk in the Park, and almost everyone and everything you liked from the previous books are back. Unless they were killed last time. Sorry. The ending is true to the characters and where they’ve gone, and most importantly to me, it’s true to the original concept behind the LFBD universe.

If you want to keep track of development and find out about the release date when it gets that far, either follow the blog or follow my Amazon Author Page.


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