About the book

Lincoln Baker can’t do magic, but he’s figured out how it works. When he and his friends make a few bad decisions, they end up on the hit list of some very bad, very magical people. Now, along with the tech he’s built and a mysterious entity that seems to be following him, Lincoln needs to stay alive long enough to figure out what’s going on, take the fight to the people really in charge, and maybe enforce some order on the encroaching chaos. Computer systems based on magic, soul-eating creatures from beyond our plane of existence, deadly ancient artifacts and a metric shit-ton of strangeness come together in this urban fantasy set in the Pittsburgh Neutral Territory.

About the author

IMG_20150214_122017-2D. Roland Hess has written five technical/arts books, one of which won the National Publishers Association Award for Best Book in Art Instruction in 2011. Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog marks his return to genre fiction after a long hiatus. Just like Lincoln, he’s into dogs, firearms and software development. Unlike Lincoln, he has a family that he loves very much. He currently works as a “Partner Technology Sorcerer” (yes, for reals) at Google, Inc.

About the blog

lincolnfoxandthebaddog.com is a blog that features the author’s thoughts on writing, publishing, and software development, as well as stuff about dogs, firearms and Pittsburgh. Official LFBD announcements and progress reports will also appear here.

About you

You’re clearly awesome, and I love you. (P.S. buy my book right now 😉 )

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